Amazing Product!

“This product lived up to its name “aquaHALT”, and saved me literally thousands of dollars in property damage.  I travel often, and when away for a three week trip, this device saved my toilet from overflowing and damaging my entire first floor.  The hundred and something bucks I paid for it, made its money back within a month.  Highly recommend this product, especially for apartment dwellers.  This can save a lot of insurance headaches down the road.” 

Andrew - Amazon Customer

Amazing Product! Quality Built

“I’ve had multiple floods in my home from my son clogging up the toilet and have been researching for similar products then I stumbled on aquaHALT on Amazon.  The unit itself looks very well built, installation was super easy (took me 5 minutes).” 

Edion - Amazon Customer

Detected A Leak Quickly

“My toilet tank leaked and caused massive damage to my apartment and the apartment below.  I purchased aquaHALT to lower my insurance premium and to prevent future leaks and damage.  So easy to install.  Great product!” 

Moshin - Amazon Customer

Fantastic Device and Extremely East to Install

“Installation is even easier than advertised!  We have had water damage from a leaking toilet in our old house and did not want to risk it with our new home.  Our real estate agent recommended aquaHALT so bought one for each toilet and intended to have a plumber install for us.  However the instructions were extremely easy to follow so my husband and I installed them.  Hopefully we won’t have any leaks but if we do I think we will be ok!” 

Alanna - Amazon Customer

Homeowners, Landlords and Property Managers Love aquaHALT

“Installing aquaHALT in your home or building makes perfect sense.  Homeowners will reduce their risk of water leaks, and potentially lower their insurance premiums.  You wouldn’t live in a home without a smoke detector.  I think the same thing can be said for aquaHALT.”

Damien Stein / Principle - Choice Management NYC

Lifesaver! Superb Customer Service!!!

“I wish I had this before our home flooded due to a broken toilet line!  Easy to install (10mins tops), works as advertised!  The seller / manufacturer’s customer service is the only thing better than the device itself.  Had a small issue with a kink in provided water line – after a quick chat with Amazon, passed to the seller via messaging.  He replied in minutes (from his cell) and had a replacement line overnight shipped – but didn’t stop there!!  Greg sent extra lines of various sizing (to ensure optimal installation) and some company swag!  Thank you so much for the peace of mind and EXCELLENT customer care!” 

Jwcyall - Amazon Customer

Must Have For Your Home

“Easy to install and must have in your home if you travel a lot like myself.  I also keep them on my rental properties.” 

Amazon Customer

Not Flimsy And Easy To Install. Looks Good

“I purchased this to install on toilet water line to stop leaks or overflows.  I was able to install it in 5 mins behind the toilet.  Looks good and works well.” 

Edward - Amazon Customer

Peace of Mind

“6 Bathrooms – 6 grandkids – 6 aquaHALTs!!!  I get peace of mind knowing that this will detect a leak.  And unlike other leak detection systems, it only shuts off the water at the toilet, not the whole house!  Easy to install!  GREAT PRODUCT!” 

NaNa Sitou - Amazon Customer

Real Estate Developers Love aquaHALT

“While consulting for our real estate clients and developers we have found that the introduction of the aquaHALT device to be a no-brainer decision factor in both upfront planning and retrofit upgrade activities.  aquaHALT is truly a cost-effective device with proven flood and damage mitigation control.”

Michael Battistelli / Private Engineering Consultant

Should Be Standard In Every Home

“After hearing of massive leak damage from a neighbor’s failed toilet connection, protecting myself from a similar outcome seemed like a no-brainer.  After a lot of research, I found the aquaHALT to be unique from other toilet leak protection products in that it automatically shuts off the water as opposed to simply alerting you…a real life saver if you’re not home.  I’m far from handy but installation was so easy.  Extra bonus is that the unit is easily hidden and out of sight!  Glad I have one less thing in life to be worried about!” 

Amazon Customer

Toilet Shut Off

“Works great had a toilet that kept on running and a stoppage in the bowl and did not know, thank god I had the aquaHALT.” 

Chris - Amazon Customer