Must Have For Your Home

“Easy to install and must have in your home if you travel a lot like myself.  I also keep them on my rental properties.” 

Amazon Customer

No more worries for Grandma

“My mother has this phobia about toilet leaking constantly.  After her toilet leaked few years ago which flooded entire living room she since starting to have this fear of her toilet leaking.  I bought this to ease her worry and tested the feature in front of her to ease her concern.  It uses two AA batteries and detection is very good.”

cl - Amazon Customer

Not Flimsy And Easy To Install. Looks Good

“I purchased this to install on toilet water line to stop leaks or overflows.  I was able to install it in 5 mins behind the toilet.  Looks good and works well.” 

Edward - Amazon Customer

Peace of Mind

“6 Bathrooms – 6 grandkids – 6 aquaHALTs!!!  I get peace of mind knowing that this will detect a leak.  And unlike other leak detection systems, it only shuts off the water at the toilet, not the whole house!  Easy to install!  GREAT PRODUCT!” 

NaNa Sitou - Amazon Customer

Potential Home Saver

“I had a supply line burst in my upstairs bathroom while I was home and I was able to stop potential damage.  If I were not home this would of ran for days until I returned.  With this device I have peace of mind knowing if I have a water leak it will stop it from becoming a problem.  The install was rather simple and only took 10 minutes.  I tested to see by putting the sensor into water.  The device shut the valve and it continuously beeped until I reset it.  This device is a must for all bathrooms especially upstairs bathrooms.”

Mary - Vine Voice Amazon Customer

Real Estate Developers Love aquaHALT

“While consulting for our real estate clients and developers we have found that the introduction of the aquaHALT device to be a no-brainer decision factor in both upfront planning and retrofit upgrade activities.  aquaHALT is truly a cost-effective device with proven flood and damage mitigation control.”

Michael Battistelli / Private Engineering Consultant

Should Be Standard In Every Home

“After hearing of massive leak damage from a neighbor’s failed toilet connection, protecting myself from a similar outcome seemed like a no-brainer.  After a lot of research, I found the aquaHALT to be unique from other toilet leak protection products in that it automatically shuts off the water as opposed to simply alerting you…a real life saver if you’re not home.  I’m far from handy but installation was so easy.  Extra bonus is that the unit is easily hidden and out of sight!  Glad I have one less thing in life to be worried about!” 

Amazon Customer

So far looks good, only time will tell

“I requested this not for my home, but for the house I rent out, as my property manager recommended (not this brand specifically, but just a leak detector in general) because the other property she manages had some issues.  So when I saw this showed up on my recommended page from the program, I was really happy to try this one out.  I didn’t install it myself; the maintenance gentleman who’s been taking care of my rental property did, and he said there wasn’t any issue at all (well he’s an expert so it must be easy peasy for him).  Well, this is my first one, and from the video my property manager sent me, it looks good without being overly conspicuous from the restroom door (which is important when you’re renting out your place, haha).  While I’ve never experienced any leaking issues or damages, it’s never a bad idea to take preventative action, I guess.  I am going to install toilet leak detectors in the other two restrooms in that house so that I have one less thing to worry about – something I cannot control (the house is out of state, so it’s hard for me to personally attend to).  As the price is at an all-time low at the time of this review, if you are looking for something similar, I think this small detector might be something you would like to consider.”

Believe in Miracles - Vine Voice Amazon Customer

So far, great peace of mind

“We have known several people who sustained extensive water damage due to break in the toilet water line or even a crack in the toilet tank.  This would be especially devastating if we were not home.  Installation is pretty straight forward, although I secured the device with a screwed in strap instead of just tape.  But this is great peace of mind to help prevent a mishap turning into a major damaging event.”

D.S. - Vine Voice Amazon Customer

Toilet Shut Off

“Works great had a toilet that kept on running and a stoppage in the bowl and did not know, thank god I had the aquaHALT.” 

Chris - Amazon Customer

Very Good

“Works very well, good quality, would recommend.”

George A. - Vine Voice Amazon Customer

Works Great!

“This product is small but mighty!  After we purchased our condo we wanted to make some upgrades to the bathroom.  A neighbor recommended aquaHALT and we installed one in our bathroom.  Sure enough, as we were in the process of changing fittings and installing a bidet, the toilet overflowed.  aquaHALT detected the leak, shut off water flow from the source and saved us from a messy clean up and possibly property damage.  This is a product we would highly recommend to every homeowner.” 

Candice Griswold - Amazon Customer