A leaky toilet can be annoying and can waste thousands of gallons of water each month if undetected. Leaky toilets can be the number one cause of wasted water and can not only waste a precious commodity but can increase your monthly water bill and create damage and expensive repairs. Water on the floor, phantom flushing, and continuous running sounds are a few of the ways that you may determine you have a leaking toilet.

However, often, homeowners do not realize their toilet is leaking until they receive their monthly bill for usage.

By the time they receive their bill, they may have had a month or more of wasted water supply. But there is a better, easier way.

aquaHALT by water AUTOMATION is the only battery-operated water detector that can shut off your toilet water supply automatically when abnormal levels of moisture or water are detected, sending you an immediate alert. This is even more critical when the home or apartment is unoccupied because of a vacation or vacancy.

How to tell if Your Toilet is Leaking

There are several indications that your toilet may be leaking. Take action to minimize damage and expense. If you think you are leaking water, there are some critical areas to check:

Water Level in Tank

If you think you have a leaking toilet, the first thing to check is the tank. Remove the toilet tank lid and check the water level. Is the water at the optimal water line? You will usually find this marking on the back or side of the tank. If the level is incorrect, adjust the fill valve accordingly.

Noise after Flushing

If you hear a trickle sound or a running sound after flushing, it could be that your flapper is not working properly. The flapper is the rubber piece at the bottom of the toilet tank that raises and lowers with each flush.

If it is not sealing correctly, it will allow a continuous flow of water to continue to pump into the bowl. Another cause may be the flush handle. This handle operates the chain and bar that regulate the flapper valve. Sometimes, the chain can get kinked, or the bar can be damaged.

Long Run Times

Does it sound like water running for long periods of time after flushing? This is an indication that your flapper has a problem. Check to see if there are cracks, wear, or poor alignment. Check the handle, the chain, or any flush tubes in the tank for cracking, snagging, or misalignment as well.

Phantom Flushes

If you hear your toilet flushing and no one is around to flush, this is an indication of water waste from a misaligned or malfunctioning float. When the float drops, it signals the pump to turn on to refill the tank. If the float is not working properly, it will drop over and over, signally more water to fill the tank.

Food Coloring Test

If you hear water running but cannot determine the cause, do a food coloring test. Simply place 15-20 drops of any shade of food coloring into the tank and let it sit unflushed for about a half hour. If the water in the toilet bowl begins to change color, there is a leak somewhere in the tank.

Let water AUTOMATION Help with Your Leaking Toilet

A leaking toilet can be frustrating and expensive. aquaHALT by water AUTOMATION can shield your home from toilet water disasters. It is easily installed and does not require WiFi. aquaHALT detects water leaks, shuts off the water, and alerts you to the leak. Want to find out more?

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