If you have heard a moaning, groaning, or humming noise when you flush your toilet, you are probably feeling annoyed and frustrated that you have been unable to locate the issue and fix the problem. In fact, it may take you a while to determine where the noise is coming from. You may think that it is coming from your pipes or a gremlin in the basement, but rest assured, the culprit is most likely your toilet.

This annoying noise coming from within your toilet tank is an indication that something is wrong. Consider it a warning that a more serious problem is lurking in your future if it is not taken care of immediately. Leaks, excessive water loss, damage to your floors and walls, and other major expensive problems may lie ahead.

No one wants to be faced with a leaking toilet. aquaHALT offers an easy-to-install system that not only detects water leaks but also shuts off the water source and sends an alert directly to you. Save yourself money, time, and headaches by installing an affordable solution with aquaHALT.

What Causes a Toilet to Hum?

There can be several sources of noise from your humming toilet, but perhaps the most common is inconsistent water pressure. Pressure exerted against the diaphragm in the fill valve can cause the issue. This can be adjusted through a pressure reducer valve located near the meter. Be sure to check the diaphragm for wear or weakness as well.

If the humming is more like a loud groan, check that all the washers are tight and the ballcock assembly is working as it should. If you think this is the problem, try opening the tank, lifting up on the float, and flushing. If the groan goes away, you may have found your problem: a loose washer. Locate the three screws at the top of the fill valve, Turn off the water, and flush to empty out the tank. By unscrewing the screws, you can remove the ball, armature, and the top of the flush valve. Take the washer out of the bottom of the valve and replace it with a new one.

If this does not solve your humming problem, you may need to replace the fill valve. Once you have replaced the fill valve, adjust the water level within an inch of the overflow tube. If you are still hearing the noise when you flush, it could be a vibration in your water supply lines.

If your water supply lines are vibrating, you will hear a noise as the toilet refills. This could lead to serious problems since the vibrations could result in splits in your lines and excessive water leaks.

Simplify Toilet Maintenance with the aquaHALT solution by water AUTOMATION

Leaking toilets are the cause of expensive home repairs, wasted water, and excessive water bills. The damage can destroy floors and subfloors, walls and trim, and even other fixtures. aquaHALT can be an economical solution to water leak detection. This system is easy to install without the use of a plumber. At the first indication of a leak, the battery-operated system can shut off the water supply and signal an automatic alert.

If your toilet is humming an inharmonious tune, install aquaHALT today. Stop water leaks before they start by simplifying your toilet maintenance with aquaHALT by water AUTOMATION. Contact us for more information or to place an order!