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    When abnormal levels of moisture or water are detected, aquaHALT from waterAUTOMATION automatically shuts down the water flow and sends you an alert.


    Manual guides on how to install aquaHALT with (included) 3M NON-INVASIVE double-sided tape.


    No need to rely on Wifi – aquaHALT is always on duty with a hardwired sensor and 2 AA batteries that will last you over a YEAR.


    Avoid the risk of home flooding and excessive water waste. Some insurance companies also reward lower premiums: contact yours for more information.

Contents Included:
Qty 1 – aquaHALT Device with Double Sided Tape.
Qty 1 – 3/8 x 3/8 x 12-Inch-Long Stainless-Steel Braided Supply Hose.
Qty 1 – aquaHALT Water Sensor with Housing and Double-Sided Tape.
Qty 2 – AA Batteries.
Qty 1 – Installation Manual.

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Additional information

Weight 1.2 lbs
Dimensions 5.75 × 2.75 × 2.5 in


  1. Pardo Family

    Having purchased AquaHalt, it has made life so much easier. I’m now relieved knowing my home is protected and I’ll never be a victim of a flood that ruins my ceiling and the first floor of my home again. I wish this product was available years prior, it would have saved me thousands of dollars and lots of unnecessary frustration. Quick and easy installation was a huge PLUS especially quick delivery and exceptional packaging. Thank you Aqua Halt!

  2. Moshin Desire

    “My toilet tank leaked and caused massive damage to my apartment and the apartment below. I purchased aquaHALT to lower my insurance premium and to prevent future leaks and damage. So easy to install. Great product!”

  3. Dave Kim Lu

    Safety and money saver!!
    Good product, Easy to install, works as expected. I love it.

  4. Smith Family

    This product is small but mighty! After we purchased our condo we wanted to make some upgrades to the bathroom. A neighbour recommended AquaHALT and we installed one in our bathroom. Sure enough, as we were in the process of changing fittings and installing a bidet, the toilet overflowed. AquaHALT detected the leak, shut off water flow from the source and saved us from a messy clean up and possibly property damage. This is a product we would highly recommend to every homeowner.

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